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Combating Codex Alimentarius

Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection
Billions of people will suffer from degenerative diseases due to poor nutrition and limited access to health supplements if the powerful global corporations behind the new Codex standards are allowed to "harmonise" the world.

Please also take the time to watch the 90 video explaining
Codex Goals & Objectives recorded and delivered by Ian Crane October 2007. Mr. Crane explains the intentions of the New World Order, Globalization and the fact that Big Pharma topped the other 490 Fortune 500 companies. Also discussed
Global Harmonisation : Abolition of organic foods and farming : Introduction of GM foods and farming : Removal of all ingredient labelling : Restriction of all natural remedies ... It's quite an eye opener.


Cholesterol Reconsidered

Research disputes cholesterol's reputation as the primary culprit behind heart disease. Here's the real scoop on its role in the body, the right ways to bring it down naturally, and why cholesterol-lowering drugs may not be the cure-all we've been led to believe. By Experience Life Staff / June 2009

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What’s Cholesterol Got to Do With It?
By GARY TAUBES ~Published: January 27, 2008
THE idea that cholesterol plays a key role in heart disease is so tightly woven into modern medical thinking that it is no longer considered open to question. This is the message that emerged all too clearly from the recent news that the drug Vytorin had fared no better in clinical trials than the statin therapy it was meant to supplant. Read the entire article here...

Statins and Interstitial Lung Disease
Conclusions: Statin-induced interstitial lung disease is a possible newly recognized side effect of statin therapy. The mechanism of lung injury is not defined. The current review provides novel information from the FDA-AER that supports a possible, although unusual, pulmonary class effect of statins. Read the Chest Journal abstract at this link...

Vytorin Causes Cancer
Comment by Byron Richards, CCN, on NY Times Article ~ July, 2008
"There is no way to get around the inevitable reality that lowering cholesterol to abnormally low levels, as with Vytorin, causes cancer risk to rise." Read the complete article here...

The Lessons from Vytorin
Written by MERRILL GOOZNER~ Published: January 26, 2008
What lessons should be drawn from the trials of Vytorin?
For those not paying close attention, let’s recap the events so far (this is my reinterpretation and supplementation of the
timeline the Merck/Schering-Plough joint venture, which markets Vytorin, released yesterday) READ more here...

What’s Cholesterol Got to Do With It?
Written by GARY TAUBES ~ Published: January 27, 2008

HE idea that cholesterol plays a key role in heart disease is so tightly woven into modern medical thinking that it is no longer considered open to question. This is the message that emerged all too clearly from the recent news that the drug Vytorin had fared no better in clinical trials than the statin therapy it was meant to supplant. READ more here...

Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?
Written by JOHN CAREY ~ Published: January 17, 2008
Business Week article ~ Research suggests that, except among high-risk heart patients, the benefits of statins such as Lipitor are overstated. READ more here...

Government Health Agencies Complicit in Cholesterol Ruse
Written by BILL SARDI ~
The revelation that statin cholesterol drugs may be of little or no benefit, as revealed in a lengthy cover story in January 28 issue of Business Week (BW) magazine, begs the question: how did this misdirection go on for so long? READ more here...

Management Of Statin Damage~
One of many excellent articles written by Chris Gupta ~ June 4, 2007

F.D.A. Limits Role of Advisers Tied to Industry
Expert advisers to the government who receive money from a drug or device maker would be barred for the first time from voting on whether to approve that company's products under new rules announced Wednesday for the FDA's powerful advisory committees. ~ March 21, 2007

Big Pharma Research Racket is Killing People
Over the past six years, ten FDA approved drugs have been withdrawn from the market due to deaths and injuries, leading lawmakers to accuse the FDA of not doing its job in protecting the public from unsafe drugs and to call for measures of improvement. Article written by Evelyn Pringle ~ June 24, 2006

FDA accused of suppressing drug safety information (commentary)
Profits first, safety last...
News Target article posted 10/14/05 by Mike Adams

Statistical Contortionism Among Statin Drugs
Article by Shane Ellison - April 23, 2005
"A veil of secrecy obscures the truth behind FDA-approved drugs, especially the cholesterol-lowering drugs."

Doctors in U-turn on advice for cholesterol
A study of 2,277 over-65's - the age when heart attack is highest - discovered those with low cholesterol were twice as likely to die as those with high cholesterol. Newspaper article. [large file - takes awhile to load]

Statin Effects Study at UCSD
A group of scientists, doctors, students, and others interested in understanding the full spectrum of effects of statins and other cholesterol-lowering drugs - including good and adverse effects. Project Investigators: Dr Beatrice Golomb & Dr Michael Criqui ~ Statin Effects Study at the University of  California, San Diego.

NOTE: If you know someone who may have experienced adverse effects on statins, the "UCSD Statin Effects Study" would greatly appreciate it if you would contact them at 
[email protected] or (858) 558-4950. Your input can be of great help to this study.

Frontline "Dangerous Prescription"
Watch the full program online: Drug Safety, Baycol Study, Redux Story, Fen Phen Tragedy, Stifling Dissent at the FDA, Reviewers hushed

National Institutes of Health: Public Servant or Private Marketer?
Written By David Willman Times Staff Writer ~ 12/22/04
For 15 million Americans, it is a daily ritual: gulping down a pill to reduce cholesterol.

FDA lax in drug safety, JAMA warns Independent agency is sought to prevent conflicts of interest.

Healthy Talk Radio Interview

On November  13, 2007, Deborah Ray conducts an interview featuring Dr Julian Whitaker and Dr Duane Graveline, discussing "Statin Side Effects".
This link displays a commercial free MP3 version - 30 minutes - 5.1 MB file (takes awhile to load)
Homepage of Healthy Talk Radio


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